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What to know after Day 865 of Russia-Ukraine war

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Iskander crew strike destroys two launchers of Patriot air defense system near Odessa

The crew of the Iskander complex destroyed two launchers of Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems and a Giraffe radar in the Odessa region, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

"The crew of the Iskander operational-tactical complex attacked the position of a battery of the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system of the Ukrainian armed forces near the village of Yuzhnoye in the Odessa region. As a result of the strike, two Patriot air defense missile launchers and a Giraffe radar were destroyed," the ministry said.



Russia claims strikes on two Ukrainian Patriot systems that Kyiv says were decoys

Russia said on Sunday it struck two Patriot air defence launch systems, but Ukraine said Moscow had hit decoy targets designed to squander expensive enemy missiles.

Russia's defence ministry said in a statement the attack took place in the area of the Black Sea port of Yuzhne, adding that a radar station was also destroyed. It said Iskander-M ballistic missiles had been used.

Commenting on videos of the attack circulating on social media, Ukraine's air force commander Mykola Oleshchuk said in a post on Telegram on Saturday evening, that Russia had hit Ukrainian decoy Patriot systems.

Reuters could not independently verify either side's claims.

Ukraine has previously exhibited cheap decoys built to look like multi-million dollar western air defence and missile systems for which Moscow is hunting in Ukraine.

The Patriot system, which has proved extremely effective in this war and of which Ukraine has very few, is at the top of Moscow's target list.

Oleshchuk added that Russia had also hit decoy planes in a missile attack on a Ukrainian military airfield on Wednesday.

"Thank you to all who help with quality decoy planes and air defence systems. The enemy now has fewer Iskanders, but we will bring up more decoys."

A video released on Telegram by the Russian ministry showed daylight explosions on uninhabited land near a coastline, after zooming in to identify objects.



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