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Protests erupt in Kano over Bayero's dethronement as emir

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Supporters of Aminu Bayero, the dethroned Emir of Kano, have taken to the streets in protest across the five emirates of Bichi, Rano, Karaye, Kano, and Gaya. Bayero was deposed on Thursday after Kano Governor Abba Yusuf signed a new law repealing the Emirate Council Law of 2019, which had previously divided the Kano emirate into five jurisdictions and provided the grounds for the dethronement of Muhammadu Sanusi in 2020.

Sanusi was reinstated as the 16th Emir of Kano on Thursday during a colorful ceremony at the government house and has since moved into the palace. In response, Bayero returned to Kano early Saturday morning and moved into the mini palace in Nassarawa area of Kano, only to be subsequently ordered arrested by the governor. Soldiers are currently stationed to guard the dethroned monarch.

Protesters carrying banners and placards called for Bayero's reinstatement, chanting anti-government slogans and setting up bonfires on major roads. They claim the emirship dispute is politically motivated. The state has been in turmoil since Muhammadu Sanusi II's return as the Kano emir, four years after his own dethronement, leading to a royal power struggle with Aminu Ado Bayero.

Governor Yusuf, after signing the Kano State Emirates Council Law on Thursday, issued a reappointment letter to Sanusi on Friday and demanded that the emirs affected by the law vacate their palaces within 48 hours. Despite this, the state police command announced on Saturday their intent to enforce a court order against Sanusi's reinstatement.

While Bayero remains in the Nassarawa mini palace under heavy security, Sanusi operates from the Gidan Rumfa palace, protected by vigilantes and local hunters.

Protests continued yesterday, with Bayero's supporters lighting bonfires and chanting anti-government slogans. In Rano Emirate, youths protested the dethronement of Kabiru Muhammad Inuwa, known as 'Autan Bawo,' as the first-class emir of the area.

Protest leader Aliyu Harazimi Rano expressed their discontent with the state government's new law, highlighting the developmental benefits the establishment of the Rano Emirate had brought to the area.

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