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Despite warnings from Police, Nigerians still ‘no gree for anybody’

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A Nigerian slang that gained popularity in the New Year, signifying resilience against oppression, has sparked controversy after police cautioned that the slogan might carry a message of rebellion.

Though not entirely new, the pidgin English phrase “No gree for anybody” has gone viral as a rallying cry for self-reliance and toughness in the face of adversities since the year began.

With Nigeria grappling with economic challenges and security threats ranging from Boko Haram activities to kidnapping, the phrase has become a collective mantra for navigating the challenges of 2024.

Last week, the Force Public Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, issued a warning against using the slogan, leading to a heated debate on social media.

“The new slogan for 2023 and 2024 for our young ones is ‘No dey gree for anybody’. We have been informed by intelligence that this slogan is coming from a revolutionary sector that may likely cause problems across the country,” he told reporters on Wednesday.

“No dey gree for anybody is being seen as a normal talk, but in the security community, we have seen it as a very, very dangerous slogan,” he added.

Critics have, however, argued that the police should prioritise more pressing matters.

Local media reported that the term “no go gree” has its roots in an old Gospel song. Nigerians often mix English, pidgin and one of the country’s local languages such as Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa.

Adejobi’s comments soon sparked discussion online with some critics saying the police had more serious matters to be concerned about than the latest slang.

Nigerian security forces are battling Boko Haram in the North East, criminal militias and mass kidnappings in the North West and a flareup of intercommunal violence in central states.

Aisha Yesufu, a government critic, said on X of the slang warning, “Nigerian police #PoliceNG has intelligence on the slogan ‘No Dey gree for anybody’ but have no intelligence on the terrorists killing citizens in Plateau and other states. It shows where their priority is and it is definitely not on the protection of lives and properties.”

J_Mknite said, “They’re afraid of the coming revolution. That day is fast approaching. Both Police, Army, Navy etc.. will become tired of their dirty jobs. The best option for the police and others in government is to do right with the citizens now that there is still time.”

SammyPrais18415 added, “To me this slogan is not the major problem for Nigerians. Let us not miss the focus. Poor masses are suffering.”

“This No gree for anybody has worked positively for me in the past few days of this year, therefore, I no go gree for anybody, any situation, terrible economy, poverty, complacency, ineffectiveness, inefficiencies etc.,” another X user, tomtomekanem added.

obaruene said, “Why is it that the political elite is always afraid of revolution? Clear conscience fear no wrong. Do what is right always.”

“That’s a misplaced priorities on the side of the Nigeria Police, we have so much security challenges the police ain’t tackling. My humble scrutiny sir,” patrimedia added.

Soon after the police statement, the Defence Headquarters urged Nigerians to prevent terrorists from having free rein in the new year.

“Make Nigerians no gree for terrorists this year. You see something, you say something and we assure them of doing something, ” the Director of Defence Media Operations, Edward Buba, said.

Responding to this, AdanniaT said, ‘The military is even trying to relate to the people while the weakling #PoliceNG is grandstanding to massage their absolute cowardice.”

DrEffiong_John said, “This is what #PoliceNG was supposed to do; catch in on a trending topic to sensitise the people on security but like their usual way, they rather chose the way of stifling people. We no go gree for una this 2024 o. Make everybody mind just dey! You can’t silence everyone forever.”

“Meanwhile police say that slogan na to cause revolution. Army and Police need to hold meetings and agree on one thing, meanwhile we nor go gree for anybody dis 2024.“ ehiokupa added.

egrego said, “While a force is trying to cash in on the “no gree mantra”!to help its operations, another is trying to criminalise it. Me, na siddon watch get me.”



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