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Here’s the latest as Israel-Hamas war enters Day 191

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IDF: IDF fighter jets destroyed launchers containing rockets ready-to-launch toward central Israel; the 162nd Division continues precise operations in the central Gaza Strip

Following the sirens that sounded yesterday in the Sderot area, three launches that crossed from the Gaza Strip were successfully intercepted by the IDF Aerial Defense Array. IDF artillery struck the area from which the launch was carried out.

IDF fighter jets struck and destroyed three launchers containing 20 rockets that were ready to fire toward central Israel.

The 162nd Division continues precise operations against terrorist operatives and infrastructure in the central Gaza Strip.

Throughout the past day, IDF troops from the Nahal Brigade destroyed Hamas terrorist infrastructure, including a weapons storage facility, and seized additional military equipment belonging to the terrorist organization.

Simultaneously, during precise operations in Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip, IDF troops used a drone to locate several armed terrorists operating in the area. An IAF aircraft struck the terrorists and eliminated them.

Throughout the past day, in several precise series of strikes, IDF fighter jets struck over 30 terror targets throughout the Gaza Strip, including terrorist infrastructure, military compounds, and anti-tank missile launchers.

Attached is a video of the strikes on the launchers that were ready to fire toward Israel:

Attached is a video of IDF strikes in the Gaza Strip:

Attached are photos of IDF operational activity in the Gaza Strip:

** IDF: Over the last few hours, confrontations between Israeli civilians and Palestinians took place in several locations in the area of Judea and Samaria, during which rocks were hurled and shots were fired. Dozens of Israelis and Palestinians were injured to different degrees.

Numerous IDF and Israel Border Police forces were positioned in the area and the forces deployed riot dispersal means. As of now, all of the incidents have concluded.

In addition to the forces currently stationed in Judea and Samaria, it was decided to reinforce the area with several IDF companies and additional Israel Border Police forces.

Security forces are continuing to pursue the terrorists who murdered Israeli civilian Binyamin Achimair.

** IDF: Repairing a water line in the Khan Yunis area and opening the new “Northern Crossing”; efforts continue to enable the entry of humanitarian aid to residents of the Gaza Strip

The IDF, via the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), continues efforts to facilitate the entry of hundreds of trucks containing food supplies and humanitarian aid to the residents of Gaza.

Since the beginning of the war, over 22,700 trucks containing 428,000 tons of humanitarian aid have passed through through the Kerem Shalom and Nitzana crossings into Gaza following security checks. In addition, in recent months, over 6,250 food packages have been airdropped in 72 airdrops to distribution points throughout the Gaza Strip, as part of the humanitarian effort.

Last week (April 7 - April 13), approximately 1,866 humanitarian aid trucks were checked and entered through the crossings. 1,463 food packages were dropped in 12 airdrops.

Furthermore, this week, the Coordination and Liaison Administration for Gaza of COGAT, together with the Southern Command, coordinated the entry of 267 trucks carrying humanitarian aid into the northern Gaza Strip. On Thursday, a new crossing from Israel into northern Gaza - the ‘Northern Crossing’ - began operating as part of efforts to increase aid routes to the northern Gaza Strip.

In addition, the Coordination and Liaison Administration for Gaza coordinated works to repair a main water line in the Gaza Strip - Bani Suheila for the Khan Yunis region.

The IDF will continue its efforts to allow humanitarian aid to enter the Gaza Strip by land, air and sea in accordance with international law.

Attached is an infographic with data on the humanitarian aid that has entered the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the war:

Attached is an infographic with data on the humanitarian aid that entered the Gaza Strip last week:

Attached are photos of the repair of a water line in Bani Suheila for the Khan Yunis region:

Attached is a related video:



Hezbollah: We targeted with missile weapons a gathering of Israeli enemy soldiers in “Harsh Adathar”, and we hit it directly.

** Acting head of Hamas in the West Bank, Zaher Jabareen, told Al Jazeera:

- The West Bank is at the heart of the conflict and the Zionist plan, and the occupation wants to swallow up the rights of our people

The enemy government developed a plan in the West Bank in three stages, including settlement, Al-Aqsa, and our prisoners

The current occupation government took a decision to expel the Palestinians from their lands in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and armed the settlers.

** Moments ago, there was a very violent targeting north of the Nuseirat camp in the middle of the Gaza Strip. The targeting was near Al-Mughraqa Bridge, north of the Nuseirat camp in the central Gaza Strip

** ⭕️In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Press Statement

The Hamas movement recently handed over to the mediators in Egypt and Qatar its response to the proposal it received last Monday.

We in the Hamas movement reaffirm our adherence to our demands and the national demands of our people:

A permanent ceasefire, the withdrawal of the occupation army from the entire Gaza Strip, the return of the displaced to their areas and places of residence, intensification of the entry of relief and aid, and the start of reconstruction.

We also confirm our readiness to conclude a deal

A serious and real exchange of prisoners between the two parties.

Saturday: 04 Shawwal 1445 AH

Corresponding to: April 13, 2024 AD

** Al-Quds Brigades: We took control of a Zionist drone while it was carrying out intelligence missions in the Ma’an area, southeast of Khan Yunis.

#Al-Aqsa Flood

** Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades - Qalqilya:

In response to the crimes of the occupation and its settlers against our people, with God’s help and strength, our fighters were able to target the northern Zionist checkpoint in the city of Qalqilya with machine guns, and clash with the soldiers at the checkpoint.

#Al-Aqsa Flood

** Hamas leader Osama Hamdan:

The latest Israeli card regarding the negotiations does not allow the return of the displaced to northern Gaza

- We stressed the withdrawal of the Israeli occupation in stages from the Gaza Strip, the return of the displaced, and the entry of aid without conditions

- There is no understanding with the occupation without stopping the aggression against the Gaza Strip

- Over the past three months, "Israel" has continued to bring the truce negotiations to a dead end.


Israel Defense Forces/Hamas Brigade al-Qassam

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