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Here’s the latest as Israel-Hamas war enters Day 194

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IDF: Eliminating terrorists and destroying terrorist infrastructure; the 162nd Division continues its precise raid in the central Gaza Strip

Over the past day, IDF troops continued to operate in the central Gaza Strip, during which IDF tanks killed a number of terrorists identified advancing towards them.

IDF troops also directed IAF aircraft that struck terrorist infrastructure.

Furthermore, over the past day, IDF fighter jets and aircraft destroyed a missile launcher along with dozens of terrorist infrastructure, terror tunnels, and military compounds where armed Hamas terrorists were located.

Attached is a video of IDF strikes on terrorist infrastructure in the Gaza Strip:

** IDF: Opening two more bakeries in northern Gaza, working on the Bani Suheila water pipeline and transferring 126 trucks to northern Gaza; COGAT continues to lead humanitarian efforts

The IDF, via the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), continues with efforts to enable the daily passage of hundreds of trucks carrying food supplies and humanitarian aid to the residents of Gaza. In accordance with this, over the past two days, 553 aid trucks passed through the Kerem Shalom and the Nitzana crossing after thorough security checks. Additionally, yesterday (Monday), approximately 56 food packages were airdropped at distribution points across the Strip.

Furthermore, as part of increasing the aid routes to the north, 126 trucks were coordinated from the southern to the northern Gaza Strip last night. Additionally, several trucks, accompanied by IDF soldiers, entered through the 'Northern Crossing’ after a rigorous security inspection by the security forces at the Kerem Shalom crossing. Alongside this, work continued on repairing the Bani Suheila water pipeline to the Khan Yunis area. The water pipeline is expected to open in the coming days and will increase water supply to approximately 400,000 people in the area.

In collaboration with the international community, the Coordination and Liaison Administration for Gaza is preparing to open two additional World Food Program (WFP) bakeries in Gaza City in the northern Gaza Strip. Therefore, a fuel truck and flour trucks were coordinated last night, to enable the opening of the bakeries’ activities and their continued operation.

These bakeries in the north of the Strip will join the first WFP bakery in the north of the Strip that opened yesterday, which has a daily production potential of approximately 650,000 pita breads. The bakeries in the north join the 23 bakeries that were opened in the southern and central Gaza Strip, which provide pita bread daily to over 2.2 million residents.

However, despite these humanitarian efforts led by the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, MG Ghasan Alyan, in recent days the content of more than 450 humanitarian aid trucks remains on the Palestinian side of the Kerem Shalom crossing, after undergoing rigorous security inspections by the border crossing authorities. The aid is waiting to be collected by UN agencies for distribution and dispersal to the residents of Gaza.

Attached are photos regarding the WFP bakeries established throughout the Strip:

Attached are photos of the repair of the Bani Suheila water line in the Khan Yunis area:

Attached are photos of humanitarian aid trucks 'from the Northern Crossing to Gaza':

Attached are photos of humanitarian aid at the Kerem Shalom crossing awaiting UN collection:

Attached is footage of the passage of trucks through the 'Northern Crossing’:

** IDF: Earlier today, an IAF aircraft struck and eliminated Ismail Yusaf Baz, the commander of Hezbollah’s coastal sector, in the area of Ain Ebel in Lebanon.

Ismail served as a senior and veteran official in several positions of Hezbollah's military wing. His current rank is equivalent to a Brigade Commander.

As part of his position, Ismail was involved in the promotion and planning of rocket and anti-tank missile launches toward Israel from the coastal area of Lebanon.

In addition, during the war, he organized and planned a number of terror attacks against Israel.

Attached is video footage of the elimination:

** IDF: The IDF eliminated the Commander of the Rockets and Missiles Unit of Radwan Forces' Western Region

In the area of Kfar Dounine, an IDF aircraft struck and eliminated the terrorist Muhammad Hussein Mustafa Shechory, the Commander of the Rockets and Missiles Unit of Hezbollah's Radwan Forces in Lebanon's central and western region.

As part of his role, Muhammad planned and promoted rocket and missile launches toward Israeli territory from the areas of Lebanon's central and western regions.

During the strike, Mahmoud Ibrahim Fadel-Allah, a terrorist operative of Hezbollah's Rockets and Missiles Unit was also eliminated.

Attached is a video of the elimination in the area of Kfar Dounine:




✍️ Member of the Political Bureau of Hamas,

Izzat Al-Rishq:

The Al-Aqsa flood is a detailed stage and turning point, with all its details, and the Zionist terrorism imposed on our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip will write a new chapter, everything after it will differ from everything before it.

Nazi occupation forces, some of whose pictures were revealed at Al-Shifa Medical Complex; The most horrific massacre in the world was committed against the health sector, confirming what we said previously:

Hitler's Nazism is only a young student in the Nazi-Zionist school.

The Zionist madness against civilians is, on the one hand, a reflection of the complete failure of the occupying army in the face of the resistance, and on the other hand, a reflection of the Zionist terror of the larger variables. The Zionist deterrence equation based on intimidation, bullying, and creating chaos in our region without accountability or control has ended, and we are faced with a completely new equation.

The Nazi terrorism practiced by the occupying state in Gaza is a burning oil stain, the more it expands.

The participating American and Western position in support of Zionist madness was and still is a factor in the expansion of the conflict in the region.

Forcing the Zionist entity to end its crimes and stop the war with all its consequences against Gaza was and still is the shortest way to avoid mixing the cards and widening the circle of fire.

The occupying state will reap what it sowed... and those who oppressed will know which way to turn.

** Commander of Iranian Ground Forces:

- “The era of hit and run” has passed, and anyone who attacks our land will face punishment.

The Zionist entity must know that we have imposed a new rule to respond to every aggression

We will respond to any action by the Zionist entity against us with greater force than last Saturday’s operation

** Violent clashes took place between the resistance and the occupation army north of Nuseirat, coinciding with artillery shelling and air strikes.

** Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades - Jenin:

With God's help and strength, our heroic fighters this morning fought fierce clashes with the Zionist occupation forces and their military vehicles storming the city, with machine guns.

#Al-Aqsa Flood

** Violent clashes with the occupation forces near the Wadi Gaza Bridge in the central Gaza Strip

** Violent clashes take place between the resistance and the forces of the defeated army on the northern outskirts of Nuseirat in the middle of the Gaza Strip.

** Hezbollah: We carried out an air attack with assault marches in two batches, targeting the missile defense system in Beit Hillel, hitting the Iron Dome platforms and their crew, and leaving its members dead and wounded.

** Hizb allah:

- We bombed with Katyusha rockets the leadership of the 146th Division in Jatoun.

The bombing came in response to the Israeli enemy’s attacks on the steadfast southern villages and civilian homes, especially the attacks on the towns of Ain Baal and Al-Shehabiya, and the wounding of civilians.

** A military statement issued by the Al-Quds Brigades - Tubas Battalion:

Within the Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood, our Mujahideen in the Tubas Battalion, at dawn today, Wednesday 4/17/2024, confronted the occupation forces storming the city in more than one axis. Our Mujahideen were able to target the occupation forces in the vicinity of Al-Quds Open University with blessed bullets.

Our mujahideen were able to target the military bulldozer in the vicinity of Al-Ahmadin Roundabout with direct bullets from point zero.

Our Mujahideen also detonated an explosive device on bulldozers and occupation vehicles in the vicinity of Al-Quds Open University.

Our Mujahideen also managed to set up a precise ambush for the occupation forces at the Tammoun Junction, which were retreating from the city, and rained heavy bullets on them.

** Hamas leader, Mahmoud Mardawi: The latest American proposal is a coup against the negotiations, and Netanyahu wants to blow up the region to serve his interests, and the entire region will pay the price for American support for the occupation policies.


Israel Defense Forces/Hamas Brigade al-Qassam

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